Monday, 16 August 2010

"Now go ride like him"

Do I look like Charlie Wegelius yet?

No I didn't think so. We all have out favourite teams and we all like to wear the kit of our heros and those we respect. I have quite an extensive collection of jerseys and kit. I have a Unitied States Postal Service jersey. The 2002 edition as it matched my USPS Trek bike. And also because I am a closet Lance Armstrong fan. Love him or hate him. He has change cycling forever.
Then there is my extensive collection of BBox Bouygues Telecom kit. I just love the french team. They dont seam to win a lot of stuff, but they have a great deal of flaire and joie de vivre. Tommy Voekler for instance, who can forget his stunning 10days in Yellow?
Then the original british super team Linda MacCartney kit. We all hoped the would be the big thing for the UK cycle scene(1st time i ever saw Charlie Wegelius race too)And lets not forget the super team of Liquigas jersey.

Latley the kit to be seen in is undoubtably the SKY kit of wiggins et al. It is incredibly popular and you lose count how many times you see the jersey on your sunday ride out. But i've never been one to follow fashion. Take my rugby support for West Hartlepool for instance. Our my devotion to the Scottish Rugby Union. No i have never supported the Manchester United's of any sport and I dont think I ever will. I've always had an affinity to the northern european teams. Lotto and Quickstep are among my favourites. Along with the plethora of French teams. But, what i want to say didnt come from my empty head but from a Twitter contact @mmfs04 Mike McConnell is answer to my question, Do i look like Charlie Wegelius(i'm his biggest fan)

"If you look like him, you feel like him. Now go ride like him"

And that my friends is the point. We all, as fans of cycling, would love to emulate or favourite pro-cyclists. But in truth, we are but shadows of those great men. Wear your Astana strip with pride. Maybe it will give that little bit of extra help when climbing a nasty hill. Show off your Saxo Bank kit with honour and try to ride with the spirit of Jens Voigt.
Yes wear your favourite colours and get out and ride like those stars

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