Sunday, 29 August 2010

My beard and me

Four years now I have had a beard. Its been wooly and its been designer stubble. Its been a goatee and and its been Amish. At the moment it is full and its fluffy. I'm aiming to grow it to a full on grizzly beard and maybe trim in some funny shapes or a handle bar moustach.

This got me thinking. You dont see many sports men and in particular cyclists sporting face fur. The only ones i could think of were Sean Eadie and Steve Cozza in recent years. Dave Zabriskie - Captain America himself has been known to sport some unfortunate ginger face fungus now and then. Go back to the beginning of the 20th century, and virtually every man in society had a cracking soup strainer on his top lip.

Its odd how fashions dictate the growth of facial hair. Its became a lot more common for men to have beards recently and this have been seen in the other sport I love - rugby. virtually every team at the last rugby world cup had a beard in the squad. The most fearsome had to be Sebastien Chabal.

So today, lets cheer the beard and welcome those little treats of food we find hiding in it after we've eaten.

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