Monday, 16 August 2010

Lets go clubbing

Among my cycling buddies, there has been a lot of chatter about cycling clubs. Are you in one? I'm not. Never have been never will be. I think it comes from riding out with a cycling club and being tortured sneered at and the subsequently dropped. From talking to friends its absolutely astonishing that so many people have experienced the same thing. And, with different clubs. So you cant say its just the one club. Why do they feel the need to humiliate and destroy new comers.

What we have found out is that this means there is an opening for a cycle club that actually looks after its new members and openly encourages new comers - even if they turn up on a £200 argos special. Surely the important thing is to enjoy cycling. the old club ways should be banished and made way for riding the way we do it. @to the cake shop and back'

True there are occasions when we put the hammer down, but only when everyone is up to it. and true we dick about a lot. but what we do the most, is enjoy every minute of being on our bikes.

If you would like to ride out with me and my friends on a regular basis be it at 8mph or 18mph drop me a line here on on twitter via @hardboiled2006

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