Sunday, 8 August 2010

Kings and Heros pt2

who are the real heros of cycling? The grand tour winners? World champions? Cancer survivors? All worng. For me the all time true greats of our sport are the 'domestiques'. We all have our favourites and they come in many different shapes and abilities.

Such as the super hard men like Jens Voigt or the super stars like Fabian Cancellara. The super tall too like Johan Van Sumerin but these are all capable and proven of winning races too. Which for me, means they really arnt burrying themselves or giving 100% for the team. No I think the real heros are those riders who roll in almost dead on the bike having left everything on the mountain for their team leader or GC contender. The riders who only just cut off every day on the tour because they have been back to the car 20 times and chased back on at almost 60kmh. These men are few and far between. There is but a handful currently in the pro-peloton. Undoubtably my favourite is Charlie Wegelius. Ten years a pro now and never won an individual victory. Why? because throughout his carrear he has consistantly made himself available to work for others. Selflessly surrending his own ambition for others. I have been a fan of Charlie since his days at Mapei and whilst he rode with Liqigas, I think we saw just how brilliant he was, leading the peloton up the dolomites with Pelozotti hanging on his wheel and the peloton just strung out. Then there was this year the Giro 2010. OH MY GOD! 29th? are you shitting me. Charlie Wegelius, ladies and gentlemen is a hard riding northern bloke and I absolutely adore this guy. He is also insanely generous and donates countless goodie to auction off for charity. He is an all round nice bloke and I will go on record and say, there is no other selfless dedicated domestique in the business. I think there will never be another like Charlie for many years to come. Keep up the good work champ!

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