Monday, 5 September 2011

Thank you Charly

It was with a heavy heart today that I read the cycling news. A man who I strongly believe was the greatest cyclist never to win a race. Charles 'Charly' Wegelius will retire from Professional Cycling this week after his last race in Italy.

Many people involved with cycling have already offered their thanks and support towards Charly. Many of those are people who grew up with him, raced against him o rknew him through cycling. And many of them a great deal more important than me.

I would like to offer my own thanks toward Charly for his unbelievable generosity. The countless items of cycling kit and memorabillia he has supplied me with over the last few years never fails to move me. The shoes, the jerseys, the kit. All supplied without question and signed and thus auctioned for my daughter's charity ( the Children's Liver Disease Foundation). An absolute gent with a heart of gold.

In my eyes, Charly has over the years been one the best cyclists in the world. Giving 100% all the time and always working hard for others, for the greater good of the team. But he is more than just a big engine. I firmly believe that the peloton will be a slightly duller place without Charly.

Good luck CW. You're always a champion in my eyes.

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