Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Four years and counting

Four years ago this week. My daughter was a very poorly little girl. She was struggling with a liver disease she was born with and at the age of six she was then diagnosed with precancerous cells in her liver. Then on the 27th August 2007 she was given a 2nd chance at life. A 2nd chance she has taken with both hand and pretty much shaken the hell out of. My daughter Lydia is approaching eleven years old now and is the most lively, bright and personable little girl. Very happy and a demon bike rider. to boot.

So what has this got to with cycling?
Well, we as cyclists, whether you like it or not, are more at risk of death and serious injury while out on our bikes. Its a sobering thought, but we are more likely to be killed than say someone running for the bus. Its part of the perils of riding our bikes on public roads. Not through any fault of our own and more often because motorists just don't look.

So what i am asking my friends is simple. Please please be an organ donor. Should the unthinkable ever happen to you, at least you could save the life of another little girl and give a proud father another fours years with his little angel.
It takes less than two minutes to fill out the online form on the website. please click HERE

While I'm on please could you also look at the Children's Liver Disease Foundation website Please click HERE These people have supported Lydia since her birth. They receive no government funding and need every spare penny you have. They do a superb job in funding research and educating the medical profession.

Mucking out her pony


Gangsta chicks - with her God sister

If you can, please help these two wonderful organisations.

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