Wednesday, 11 January 2012

de Ronde 2012

Can you believe it? Its come around so quick again. 31st March will see me once again riding the de Ronde (Tour of Flanders). Heading out again with my super hard friend Big-Kev but also with my best friend Melanie.

This year de Ronde changes from the usual course in that they have dropped the mesmorizing Muur and the downright awkward Bosberg in favour of a number of laps over some of the other classic climbs such as the Koppenberg.I'm sure the pro race will be as exciting and gripping as always. How can it not be?

But what of us, the lowly amateurs? Well our sportive will this year be 134km and just as hard as in previous years. Leaving Oudenaard, we will barely be rolling when we hit the Molenberg after 8km.WHAT THE F***? That cobbled monster after 5miles? Mental. Tacx better be supplying turbos to warm up on in the start area.

What I am particularly looking forward to this year (apart from beers with my friends) is the new climbs. Climbs I've not heard of before. They all look challenging worthy of respect you'd give the classics.

Training wise, well i've had a mare of a couple of months. but as of next week I will have a 30 mile a day commute. this will help and once my life settles a bit, I'll be out with big kev hitting the hills as hard as a i can.
As always, I want to be fit enough to enjoy it and not suffer too much. But, being on Kev's wheel will stretch me further than i can ever imagine. and he will just drag me round faster than I dare think. Time to implement Rule#5


Berg Ten Houte





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  1. Very excited for you, Richard. #Jealous. Hope to bump into you one day, and perhaps get a ride in.