Monday, 10 January 2011

Tips for winter cycling

Cycling through out the year is never easy. The British weather just isnt that kind. So here ar BC towers, we have compiled a uselist of tips and hints to get you through till the sun comes out again.

what do you need?
  • Buy a winter bike you can pick up cheap ones for around £1500
  • Buy a good quality riding jacket...about £300 should get you a good one to get you started

Now you have all the equipment, how do you prepare for your ride?
  1. Rise early and have a hearty breakfast of Porridge and coffee
  2. Check the weather updates, you dont want to get caught out
  3. have your morning ablutions
  4. check weather reports incase its changed
  5. have another coffee
  6. get the bike out of the man-cave(lady grottoes are also acceptable)
  7. tinker with the bike and check it is road worthy
  8. fit winter tyres if not already done so.
  9. check tyre pressures
  10. check brakes
  11. check seat
  12. check paint
  13. check mate
  14. check weather reports
  15. decide which team issue winter clothing you're going to wear
  16. spend 29minutes trying to squeeze yourself in to your favourite Kelme shirt from 1995
  17. put your Aldi specials on. its all you have left that fits
  18. hunt high and low for your left over-shoe. it was in the shoe cupboard last January
  19. put second pair of socks on because the wife thing thinks she may have thrown it out
  20. fill bidons with luke warm juice so it takes longer to freeze
  21. dont forget skull cap for under the helmet
  22. realise you forgot to put heart rate monitor on.
  23. undress
  24. put on chest strap
  25. re-dress
  26. check weather incase second coming of the iceage is predicted.
  27. Head outside
  28. its dark!
  29. Give up and put bike away
  30. watch german porn on the computer till the wife comes home
  31. tell your mates "winter training is going great"

This is not an exhaustive list but i think you find it ultimately useful.

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