Thursday, 27 January 2011

Helping Hands

Those who follow my Twitter feed or my Facebook page will have learnt that Iam currently going through some tough times. That is not what this post is about. This post is more about how I am coping with it and more overly the reactions to those about me. Or alternatively, it could be about why i cycle?

Since being on Twitter and Facebook and in my earlier carnation on Buzznet(which I joined to cope with depression) I have met and become friends with some truly wonderful people. I have met people the reaffirm faith. Not a religious faith but a more moralistic faith. I have faith in the world that 'good' people do exist. The same became apparent 3 years ago when my daughter had a liver transplant. Throughout my current hard times I have received countless messages of support,encouragement and advice and more than my fair share of offers of hugs and cuddles. At your darkest moment when the life you know and have become comfortable with comes crashing down around you, it is then that you find your friends. It is these friends that have been inspirational in my continuing with life. Getting on with it and accepting that shit happens. More importantly to me. They have reminded me to drag my sorry ass out on a weekend and pedal like hell. They know what the bike means to me. Its good for my head. its good for my soul. Its good for my fat belly too. My friends are those that say "sod that Rich, get out on your bike" Sometimes i need to be reminded just how good it makes me feel.

So to 'Big-Up' some folks, let me introduce you to my support network.

  • Big-Kev; He is a legend in his own tea cup. Ex pro cyclist and northern hard ass. He pushes me to the very limit. He is also the warmest, kindest person i know

  • Jo; my bestest best friend. Need a hug? need a coffee? Jo is the girl that picks me up and gives me a very ample bosom to cry on.

  • Jason; my other best friend. we been through a lot together and he is always there for me.

  • Mel; a twitter friend who is just adorable. cycling nut, foodie, coffee and hug supplier and all round good egg.

  • Carol; another twitter friend with lots of offers of hugs and a top cyclist to boot. we have become very good friends in such a short space of time. I truly delightful lady

  • Simon; The Lamb! a sheer inspiration for me and coping with depression.

These are only a few of the dear dear friends that are supporting me now. And because of your love, I will forever feel like i am cycling with your helping hand upon my back.

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