Sunday, 9 January 2011

Riding in winter

Riding in winter is NOT my favourite thing to do. There I've said it. Its not like winter in Europe where is dry and cold and the roads remain clear. In Britain it sucks! Its wet and usually muddy from farm vehicles. Normally windy too. its too cold for shorts but you over heat in full thermals. Your bike is constantly dirty and none of your favourite coffee stops are open. Its just rubbish!

But this winter i am on it. I am getting out every weekend and riding as far as this blasted cold will allow. I am training 3 nights a week on a cross-trainer and with weights. I am super focused to get my massive frame from 105kg to 95kg or less. Why you ask? well Easter weekend will be here very quickly and that is when I have the task of riding the Ronde den Vlaanderen sportive. Arguably one the hardest events non-pros can enter. OK so you don't have the soaring altitudes on the Etape, Marmotte or Gran Fondo but 17 cobbled climbs of around 15-20%. I shit you not,its hard! I've tried walking up some of them and that is hard enough. So boys and girls, I'm in full attack mode at the moment.

Now those of you who know me will know of my distinct hatred for hills. I'm too heavy to get up them quickly.I struggle,scream,shout and swear at them all the way up. But Flanders is my territory!Short steep climbs I can attack full on. Just try staying on my wheel when I hit Micklegate in York. You'll know what I mean.

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