Thursday, 14 March 2013

I was watching Paris-Nice the other day with my daughter and she asked "what do all the team names mean?" Erm...i havn't got a clue was my response.

So many hours later after scouring the t'interweb i have come up with a list of what i have found so far with regards to who is sponsored by who or what.These are all accurate and definately true. I know coz the computer said so.

AG2R (ah jer duzz errr).aka Anyone Good? 2 riders! Brave choice for a team name i thought.

 Astana (Ass Tanna) The first of the russian teams. This one is sponsored by Russia's biggest Health spa. aka Ass tanning agency
 Argos Shimano (Are Goss Shim Anno) - sponsored by a catalogue shop and fishing reels
 BMC (Bee Em See) Some dispute over this but the majority believe its 'Bring Me Cheese'
 Blanco (Blank oh) Sponsored by a TV show from the sixties featuring Phil Silvers
 FDJ (Eff Duh Jurrr) Direct translation means 'French Drunk Journalists, normally seen knocking cyclists in to barbed wire fences
Euskatel Euskadi (Uss cattle Uss Caddy) Something about oranges we think
 Orica Green Veg (Awe Reek Ah Green Veg) Mr Orica's Fruit and Veg store, A small family business in a suberb of Canbera
 Lotto Belisol (Lot Oh Belly Soll) Joint venture between belgian bingo halls and a haemoroid cream
Movistar (Moo Vee Star) Like Eurostar but from Movistan in Russia
SKY (erm....SKY) Anagram of Sirs, Knights and Young 'uns
Saxo Tinkoff (Sacks Oh Tin Cough) Yet another Russian team this time sponsored by the Russian Citroen Saxo Owners Club

I couldn't find any details of Cannodale, Lampre Merida, Trek Radioshack Nissan, Garmin Sharp or Vacansoleil. if you would like to offer your thoughts about these teams....please do let me know.

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