Monday, 11 February 2013

My daughter is an inspiration. She was born with a poorly liver and at the age of seven she had a liver transplant. Now at the age of 12 she is insistant on helping others. She has never thought herself as different to others.

The other day she hear that the hospital she was treated at and where she pretty much grew up, was to lose its heart surgery centre. This upset here dearly and , of her own head she decided she would make things to sell to help to raise money.

So my request to all my friends and followers, please if you can, make me offers of these little keep-sakes. Lydia has said she will also send a blank card so you can give the item to a loved one as a gift.

My daughter never ceases to amaze me with her compassion. After every thing she has been through, she still puts others first.

Please help if you can. Even if its just a couple of pounds. You can email me at cheques postal orders to be made out to 'Lydia Mellen' and she is taking money to hospital with her.

piglet cross stitch by Lydia for sale.

Two little elephant pin cushions can be coloured with fabric pens. made by Lydia

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