Friday, 1 June 2012

Why you should ride a bike...

Recently, Bex Love posted a blog about her tough decisions on whether or not to join our world of old clothing and filthy habits. In her blog she explains her pros and cons about the decisions ahead. Well let me just add my two penneth worth....She was bloody wrong.

The decision is already made to buy a bike. The seed is already sown in her pretty blond head because she is giving it serious thought. Ergo, discussing it it pointless. Futile even. The bike will always win. The only decision to be made is....MAX the credit card or ask hubster to buy it for her.

To help the poor lost Bex Love, I have made my own - and of course correct - list of Pros and Cons


1 Female cyclists are hot
2 Their bottoms are nice to follow
3 Female cyclists are hot
4 Lycra is awesome on women
5 Female cyclists are hot
Exhibit A- BOING!


1 Scabby knees in mini skirts are awesome....oh hang on this is a 'Pro'
2 Female cyclists are hot....dammit this one too
3 erm......cant really think of any
4 dammit woman buy a bike!

So, as you can see, my list IS exhaustive and there is no compromise. I utterly think Bex should go out and buy a Di2 equipped pashley princess.

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