Sunday, 18 July 2010

Beer and Cobbles

So what is it all about. that what my dad asked when we took him to Flanders to see the Tour of Flanders last year. "Beer and Cobbles" that pretty much summed it up. I adore beer in all its glory.Its varying flavours textures and its wonderful ability to render me next to useless in a matter of minutes. Then i adore the cobbles of Flanders and the Ardennes. Until you have been and witnessed the great races that tear over these old roads you really cannot understand what is so enigmatic about the lumps of granite. I have never heard such noise as the belgians on the Koppenburg. And the fact that they seem to very drunk by 9.30am. They really are unbelievable in the their support for the classics.

This blog will hopefully convey my passion for cycling and the trips we take to see our heros suffer.

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